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  • Data protection (Personuppgiftslagen, PUL)

  • SIMA will save your data as long as you are a member. The data is processed in accordance with the Swedish Privacy Act regulations (personuppgiftslagen, PUL). Your data will never be used for commercial purposes or sold or released to a third party. It will be used only to communicate with you on SIMA-related issues and to provide information that may be of use to you for the future.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • All applicants for membership of SIMA must agree to abide by the association's Membership Terms and Conditions. By applying to become a member of SIMA, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • Personal Details

  • C/O stands for " Care of " and you use this if you are a tenant.
  • Work & Study Details

  • Information about membership fee

  • Practicing: 200 SEK/year
    Student/Retired: 100 SEK/year

    Plusgiro: 214054-9
    Swish: 123-533 1111
    Please enter your full name so we can reference the payment. (example: MinaBakhtiari)

    The membership fee need to be payed within two weeks to confirm your registration. Otherwise, the registration will be canceled.